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General Inquiries

Munir Shivji, Executive Director

Maria Pagani, Executive Associate & Board Liaison

Brittany Robinson, Receptionist & Office Administrative Assistant

Sponsorship, Advertising & Fundraising

George Markham, Director of Exhibits

Michele Eldon, Director of Advertising

Liz Buechele, Communication & Development Manager

Membership & School Accreditation

Kimberlee Bollbach, Member Services Specialist

Ayana Crawford, School Accreditation Manager

Melanie Thiesse, Senior Director of Membership & School Accreditation

Events & Professional Development

Melissa Gain, Director of Events

Brittany Robinson, Receptionist & Office Administrative Assistant (FAQs) 

Kimberlee Bollbach, Member Services Specialist (Registration) 

Joshua Shanklin, Director of Learning & Professional Development

Jill Segerman, Lead Online Learning Instructional Designer

Maati Wafford, Director of Anti-Bias, Antiracist Education

Education & Research

Gina Taliaferro Lofquist, Senior Director of Education & Strategic Initiatives

Bryan Jackson, Senior Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Marcos Miller, Teacher Education Specialist for Affiliation & Registration

Melina Papadamitriou, Director of Teacher Education

Garrett Schmidt, Teacher Education Manager

Jimmy Doussi, Registrar of Credentials & Professional Development


Marcy K. Krever, Senior Director of Communication & Community

Carey Jones, Montessori Life Co-Editor


Deb Hoffman, Senior Director of Finance