AMS Regional Action Commission

Increasing community and member engagement to extend the outreach of AMS.

About the Commission

The AMS Regional Action Commission (RAC) is a group of experienced, dedicated peers who encourage and facilitate relationships and volunteer opportunities for regional groups to promote participation of and growth of AMS membership and to work to fulfill the needs of AMS members by providing services and professional development to groups across the United States and other regions. The Commission’s work includes supporting AMS staff in the planning of regional professional development events and coordination of volunteers to help produce the events, possibly coordinating with regional groups to collaborate on their events; creation of guidelines and support for the formation and establishment of new regional groups.

We hope you will consider becoming involved with the Regional Action Commission and learning more about how you can support the Montessori Movement in your community.

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Responsibilities of the RAC

The Regional Action Commission is the third commission of the American Montessori Society (joining the Teacher Education Action Commission and School Accreditation Commission) and the official liaison with the Montessori Public Policy Initiative. Commissioners meet with MPPI representatives and stay apprised of advocacy issues in the states within their regions.

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Mission & Vision

of the Regional Action Commission


Brand Recognition

Create a stronger brand connection and recognition for the public to AMS.


Member Engagement

Boost member community and engagement across the United States.


Availability of Education

Advance the national availability of Montessori education.



Promote collaboration and sharing among Montessori schools and teacher education programs within each region.


Increase Membership

Increase AMS school membership and teacher education program affiliation.
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Leading the Commission

Marie Conti

AMS Senior Director of Community & Events

Leading the Commission

I see the establishment of this regional commission to be a golden opportunity for AMS to help all members feel connected and to develop a sense of belonging, as well as to promote AMS membership for schools and individuals. AMS’s goal to formulate regional groups is evidence that AMS is advocating for all and strategically building a foundation with this new initiative to take all voices into account.

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Why Get Involved

Getting to know your regional action commissioner will help you, your organization, and your school or TEP stay apprised of what AMS has to offer and enable you to connect with other Montessorians in your region for professional development and advocacy efforts. Through these localization efforts, we look forward to boosting member engagement, establishing leadership within each region, and expanding content to a national and eventually international level. We know this is a critical next step to strengthening the Montessori Movement.

How to Get Involved

AMS has a number of options to become more involved in your local Montessori community. Check out what is happening in Montessori education in your state and connect with your regional commissioner. 

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Are you interested in starting a regional group in your area? Interested in joining a state group? Find your region below or contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Regional Action Commission is the third commission of the American Montessori Society (joining the Teacher Education Action Commission and School Accreditation Commission). This new commission is designed to support the localization of Montessori and bring brand awareness to the American Montessori Society. Read the announcement.

Find your region on this page and connect directly with the commissioners who will help you identify organizations in your area or at the national level that can support you in developing a state organization. To find out more on this process, contact us. To learn more about the local groups in your area, visit this page.

Your Regional Action Commissioners are here to help! Find your region above and contact the local commissioner to get started.

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