In Memoriam: David Cipolloni

David Cipolloni

Dr. David Charles Cipolloni, an extraordinary educator and esteemed psychologist passed away on Friday, January 2, 2024, at the age of 72.

His Educational Journey

David first embarked on his educational journey at the University of South Florida where he earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor emphasis in art and special education. He continued his pursuit of lifelong learning, receiving a postgraduate degree in psychology at the University of Central Florida, followed by a master’s degree in education and psychology from Stetson University.

David won the AMS annual dissertation competition for his master’s thesis, A Comparison Of Primary School Performance As a Function Of Montessori School Experience for Stetson University and was featured for his accomplishment in the Public School Montessorian in Summer 1997.

His wife, Dr. Ambar Cipolloni, remarked on how David served as a source of inspiration for countless others, noting, “His commitment to continuous learning extended to others, as he encouraged and facilitated resources for many to pursue higher education.”

Experiences with Montessori and Continued Involvement with AMS

David’s passion for Montessori education was palpable. He obtained his Early Childhood credential in 1997 and expanded his expertise to develop programs at the elementary and secondary levels. He played a pivotal role in founding the Montessori Global Research Institute (MGRI) and its teacher education program.

David was proud to be a founder and co-owner of an AMS member school and teacher education program. Throughout his career, he remained highly engaged in AMS. He was an active member and attended many of the organization’s events including AMS Leadership Labposium.

Other Notable Work

David CipolloniAmongst his many accomplishments, David authored several books. An Extraordinary Silence: The Emergence of a Deeply Disturbed Child is a testament to his commitment to helping children facing challenges and traumas.

He made many significant contributions to program development, recognition, and accreditation throughout his career. From 1981 to 2006, he provided consulting services for early childhood agencies in Florida, playing a pivotal role in developing the Pierson Montessori Center in Florida as an early childhood program model. He coordinated applications for program accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), received the Gold Seal Award program status from the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), and played a crucial role in program recognition by AMS.

David also served as a psychology professor at Bethune Cookman University from 2007 to 2020 and as an adjunct instructor at the University of Central Florida and Daytona Beach Community College.

As Ambar shared, “Dr. Cipolloni wasn’t only a Montessorian by profession; he lived and breathed Montessori, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of its principles across all levels… As we reflect on [his] extensive and impactful career, we are reminded of his unwavering commitment to Montessori principles, transformative influence on adult learners, and dedication to creating enriching learning environments.”

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