“Montessori Voices” Audio Contest

AUGUST 27, 2019—If you like “playing with sound,” this contest is for you!

AMS recently embarked on the creation of what will be a series of free “Montessori Voices” videos—presentations by eminent persons in the field, created especially for Montessori educators. The plan is to brand them with a distinctive sound, or “audio logo”; think of it as the sound equivalent of a visual logo.

To this end, now through October 15, we enthusiastically invite AMS members and their students to submit original short melodies, or other original sequences of sound, for consideration as the winning audio logo.

The winning audio logo will be what people hear each and every time they tune in to the Montessori Voices video series. It will also introduce live Montessori Voices presentations at The Montessori Event.

Examples of Audio Logos

Not sure what we mean by an audio logo? Here are some examples you’re probably already familiar with:

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions must be original
  • 3 – 5 seconds in length
  • Emailed as an MP3 file to montessorivoices@amshq.org
  • One file per email. Please include the name of the composer, title if staff or age if student, and the name of your school or program.

Deadline: October 15, 2019