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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

When we turn on the news during these challenging days of anti-Black racism, police brutality, inequitable medical care for those impacted by COVID-19, and other global injustices, we find ourselves reflecting on how Montessori values—inclusiveness, responsibility, diversity, compassion—can help assuage many of the world’s wounds. 

We also consider how they can help to nurture the child who is, in Dr. Montessori’s words, “a hope and a promise for mankind.” 

Your American Montessori Society is leading the charge in advancing Montessori education worldwide for the betterment of all people and providing the resources to make it happen. 

Our work is funded, in part, by membership dues. But this is not enough.

To provide the expert services and initiatives you have come to expect, including guidance for applying Montessori principles to our work during the pandemic, resources for anti-bias/antiracist education, regular “Connect Live” networking sessions, support for public Montessori education, public policy advocacy, research, grants, scholarships, and so much more, we need additional support. 

Would you be willing to help by giving a gift to our Annual Fund?

Gifts of any size are appreciated; every dollar makes a difference. 

And, your gift will be put to work immediately. 

Please note that we support AMS too. With our fellow colleagues on the AMS Board of Directors, we are committed to matching all gifts to the Annual Fund, now through December 31, 2020, up to $30,000. 

With profound thanks for all that you do to fuel the Montessori Movement, and hopes that you and yours are safe and healthy,

Mary Beth Ricks            Geoffrey Bishop

Mary Beth Ricks            Geoffrey Bishop

Mary Beth Ricks               Geoffrey Bishop

Co-Chairs of the AMS Development Committee 
AMS Board of Directors 

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