Announcing the Recipients of AMS 2021 Research Awards

MAY 25, 2021—The American Montessori Society offers annual awards for graduate-level work that furthers the understanding of Montessori education. We extend our congratulations to this year’s recipients, and thank them for their contributions to the field:


Solange Denervaud, “When Pedagogy Matters: Insights from Montessori Education on the Development of Performance Monitoring.” (First Place) $1,000.

Dr. Lucy Canzoneri-Golden & Dr. Juliet King, “An Examination of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Anti-bias and Anti-racist Curriculum in a Montessori Setting.” (Second Place) $500.


Ian Daniel Becker, “Patterns of Concentration in Montessori Preschools: Investigating Concentration When Children are Free to Choose Their Own Work.” (First Place) $750.

Our Research Library includes graduate-level research studies.