2024 Professional Directors

Professional Directors are Montessori-credentialed teachers and administrators who provide professional expertise in their given areas. Individuals apply for these positions and are selected to run for office via a rigorous vetting process by the AMS Directorship Committee.

There are 2 individuals running for the position of Professional Director and 1 open seat. Upon election, the director may serve a 3-year term (as determined by the AMS Board) and is eligible to run for a second term.

Meet the Candidates

Margarita Diaz

Bilingual Montessori Consultant, Washington, DC

On slate as: Professional Director

“I have devoted my life to Montessori education for the past eighteen years. I have worked as a guide, administrator, trainer, and consultant. If elected, I will work with members to support and grow bilingual and public Montessori schools. I believe I have the expertise and the energy to serve the AMS membership for the benefit of the Montessori legacy in our country and beyond. One of my top goals has been to embrace diversity and multiculturalism in the classrooms, schools, and institutions where I worked. If nominated to the AMS board, I will continue sharing my passion and love for social justice so more children can access it regardless of their socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. As Montessori educators, we have a responsibility to spread this message and to act. There is still so much to accomplish and I am proud to continue this empowering journey with our Montessori community.”

Tunisha Hairston-Brown

Instructional Coach, Team Lead and Reading Interventionist K - 3, Lincoln Elementary School, Denver, CO

On slate as: Professional Director

“I want to serve on the AMS board because of their clear commitment to addressing racism and systemic oppression. That commitment is in powerful alignment with my personal and professional goals for Montessori Education. I want to be part of the change that brings Montessori to more children worldwide and creates Montessori spaces and policies suitable to a wide range of cultural sensibilities. We have done some incredible work towards these ends in my school and district. I bring those successes along with leadership skills to the board. I want to collaborate with others who have experiences and passion for this work. My hope is that we create the best – most effective and efficient – pathway towards the goal. That goal is to make Montessori education an option for all children - offering them the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment intentionally designed to honor their culture.” 


Individual members will receive an email with a unique link to access the ballot. Member schools and AMS-affiliated teacher education programs will also receive an email with a link. It will go to their organization email address.

Individual members: Every current individual member has 1 vote per open position.

Schools: All member schools receive 1 vote per open position for every 100 students enrolled or portion thereof. Satellites of member schools do not vote directly. Votes allocated to satellites are added to the main site vote and the main site school casts all votes.

Teacher education programs: Every AMS-affiliated teacher education program has 1 vote per open position per AMS-affiliated level for the following levels: Infant & Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, and Administrator. Teacher education programs with multiple votes may cast all their votes for 1 candidate or distribute their votes over multiple candidates.