Election Results & A Message from the AMS Board of Directors

A Message from the Board

Dear AMS Members,

I trust this message finds you well. As we approach the end of the current term for some of our dedicated board directors, it is with mixed emotions that we share news of upcoming changes to the AMS Board of Directors.

First and foremost, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Hilary Green, Aimee Allen, Tommy Emery, and Jay Scheurle, who have served the organization and contributed their time and wisdom to our shared mission. Their dedication has played a role in the growth and success of the American Montessori Society.

As we bid farewell to these esteemed directors, we also welcome three new members who have been elected by our membership. Their fresh perspectives and diverse experiences will undoubtedly enrich the board, reinforcing our commitment to the principles and values that underpin the Montessori philosophy.

Please join us in expressing our heartfelt thanks to our departing directors and extending a warm welcome to our new members.

With these changes, there will naturally be a shift within the Executive Committee and other leadership roles. We believe that these adjustments will bring renewed energy and dynamism to our efforts, allowing us to better serve the needs of our members and the broader Montessori community.

We've updated our webpage to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the roster. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new composition of the board, as well as the individuals stepping into leadership positions.

Looking ahead, the AMS Board of Directors is eager to connect with you in person at The Montessori Event in Orlando this March. It is an excellent opportunity for us to come together, share insights, and strengthen the bonds that make our community so vibrant.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to excellence in Montessori education!

Anita Hanks



Anita Hanks
Chair of the AMS Directorship Committee

Election Results

Board-Nominated Slate

The Board-Nominated Slate ensures that the board includes persons with expertise in needed specialty areas. Congratulations to:

Mary Beth Ricks
Mary Beth Ricks (Professional Director)

Head of School, Bowman School, Palo Alto, CA

Professional Director

Professional Directors are Montessori-credentialed teachers and administrators who provide professional expertise in their given areas. Congratulations to:

Margarita Diaz
Margarita Diaz

Bilingual Montessori Consultant, Washington, DC

Section Chairs

Section Chairs ensure that the board includes persons with expertise in needed specialty areas. The section chairs include the chair of the teacher educators section and the chair of the regional action commission. Congratulations to:

Chair of the Teacher Educators Section

Robyn Breiman
Robyn Breiman

Co-Director and Program and Practicum Coordinator, Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative, Lexington, MA
AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood, Elementary I, Elementary II)

Regional Action Commission Chair

Saloni Mathur
Saloni Mathur

Founder/Director, Vistor Montessori School, Basking Ridge, NJ
AMS-credentialed (Administrator-to be completed Spring 2022)

We are grateful to everyone who participated in board forums and discussions around the future of AMS. Congratulations to all.