AMS Certificate Programs & Courses

Develop skills to take your Montessori commitment to new heights.

Certificate programs offered by AMS, and certificate courses offered by our affiliated teacher education programs, are opportunities to explore specific topics of interest in depth. Unlike an AMS credential, which is an indicator of your qualifications as a Montessori educator, the certificate awarded at the end of the program or course serves as testament to your mastery of a distinct subject area.

Certificate Programs

AMS Teacher Education Instructor Academy

Designed for Montessori teacher educators, the certificate programs offered by the AMS Teacher Education Instructor Academy provides training for instructors of Montessori teacher educators—that is, for the instructors who guide aspiring teachers in Montessori teacher education programs. Each program has 3 components: online learning, in-residence, and a practicum (divided up over 2 summers). Learn more

AMS Anti-Bias, Antiracist (ABAR) Certificate Program

Created for the wider Montessori community, the AMS Anti-Bias, Antiracist (ABAR) Certificate Program provides a thorough examination of ABAR education to support Montessori schools and classrooms in creating just and equitable spaces for all. This program responds to Dr. Maria Montessori’s mandate that we engage in a systemic study of self. Learn more.

Certificate Courses

For information about AMS certificate courses, please contact the AMS-affiliated teacher education program offering the course. There is currently one certificate course available.

Introduction to Montessori Classroom Practice

Offered by: Baishan Montessori Teacher Education Institute, Qingdao, China 

Contact: Rosemary Gosse 

This course provides an opportunity for classroom assistants, specialists, and consultants to pursue an introduction to the philosophy and pedagogy articulated by Dr. Maria Montessori. They will leave the course prepared to enter a Montessori school with an understanding and appreciation of key aspects of Montessori education, including the role of the learning environment and the professional responsibilities of adults in supporting the natural development of each child or adolescent. Successful graduates will earn a certificate specific to the age level they are studying.