AMS Certificate Programs & Courses

Develop skills to take your Montessori commitment to new heights.

Certificate programs offered by AMS, and certificate courses offered by our affiliated teacher education programs, are opportunities to explore specific topics of interest in depth. Unlike an AMS credential, which is an indicator of your qualifications as a Montessori educator, the certificate awarded at the end of the program or course serves as testament to your mastery of a distinct subject area.

Certificate Programs

AMS Instructor Academy

Instructor Academy is designed to foster high-quality instruction in adult teaching and learning for Montessori teacher education programs at all credential levels. These certificate programs provide opportunities for both current and aspiring Montessori teacher educators and provide career advancement potential.

  • Current Instructors

    Already teaching at an AMS affiliated teacher education program but looking to improve your craft and further inspire your adult learners? Learn more and apply.

  • Future Instructors

    Interested in developing the skills necessary to guide the next generation of Montessori educators? Learn more and apply.

AMS Anti-Bias, Antiracist (ABAR) Certificate Program

Created for the wider Montessori community, the AMS Anti-Bias, Antiracist (ABAR) Certificate Program provides a thorough examination of ABAR education to support Montessori schools and classrooms in creating just and equitable spaces for all. This program responds to Dr. Maria Montessori’s mandate that we engage in a systemic study of self. Learn more.

AMS Elementary Writing Certificate Program

The AMS Elementary Writing Certificate Program is designed to shift teaching writing in a way that promotes collaboration and curiosity in the learning environment while significantly increasing students’ interest in writing. Participants will develop an understanding of the essential role of writing in recognizing students’ identity and intellect. The writing continuum, the Six Traits of Writing framework, and the Elementary Montessori curriculum make writing individualized, fun, and meaningful for each child. Participants will leave with effective tools and lessons that empower children by strengthening their writing creativity. Learn more and register.

AMS Reading Certificate Programs

Specifically designed for Montessori teachers who are interested in applying the most recent research-based strategies for teaching reading in their Montessori classroom, the Reading Certificate program will help you develop an understanding of the essential components of reading and reading continuums that allow Montessori teachers to follow children’s development as readers. We offer the following levels:

Online Onboard

Intro to Designing Online Classes

Join our 6-week course that supports instructors of AMS-affiliated teacher education programs in learning how to design and teach online courses. It balances an understanding of the pedagogy of online learning with practical applications in Canvas, our learning management system. The class is cohort-based, so learners move through the class together. Learn more and register.

Teaching Online

This self-paced class will provide techniques and technology for teaching online, moving from the design phase to the teaching phase. Learn time-saving strategies, building teacher presence, and technology as a tool for interacting and providing feedback to students. Learn more and register.

Apply for Scholarships

AMS Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Scholarship

The AMS Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Scholarship is available for many of the courses outlined above. Learn more and apply today.

AMS is committed to modeling and ensuring the advancement of principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion by leading initiatives in which all feel welcomed, respected, valued, and empowered. The AMS DEI scholarship program supports its members by increasing access to professional development opportunities.

Courses for AMS Member School Parents

Your Child's Montessori Education: Early Childhood

We know that education goes beyond the four walls of a Montessori classroom. That’s why the American Montessori Society has created a robust learning experience for families who want to learn how to apply Montessori philosophies at home.

Your Child’s Montessori Education: Early Childhood is designed for families with children ages 2 ½ – 6. In this course, parents will receive resources to enhance their child’s education, utilize Montessori practices within the home, and share and discuss their experiences.